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The Amethyst Witch

I often get judged on the name of my business. So here is my why...

I chose the name Amethyst Witch for a few reasons. Amethyst is my favorite stone, my soul stone, that I use quite often in my work. I started with protection and crystal healings and house cleansings and Amethyst is a great stone to aid that practice. Thus Amethyst!

The name "witch" is often associated with dark magic or being against godly beliefs. However, the true origin just fits my practice. The "witches" of the past were often healers or midwives who used natural healing remedies to help people. They used herbs and plant remedies in their practices. All over the world they have different names for plants(ie "eye of newt" is actually mustard seed). These names were given negative viewpoint through the years especially in works like those from Shakespeare. Witches were mainly pagans who were persecuted for believing differently. They honored the earth and the spirits for guidance and help.

I am a healer, I use my abilities of working with the spirits of my ancestors and yours (or angels as some believe) to bring you messages that you need to heal your heart. I use herbs and spices as well as crystals to help guard and protect you. I use crystals and energy to help heal you. I DO NOT use my abilities for evil. My goal is to heal and protect.

My practice and business uses mainly divination and intuition. I believe in faith and hope and loving thy neighbor, I just call them by another name. We are more alike than we are different it's just how we use our magic.


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Thank you so much for your introduction, the information on your Gifts of Spirit and your beliefs. We are so lucky to have you here on the planet being of service through the sharing of your gifts.❤️

One of my dear friends was fortunate enough to sit with you and receive a mediumship reading. It changed her life. I can already see the healing that is taking place. Thank you so much! ❤️

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