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Where it all began

I was 9 years old. That is the first I remember encountering spirit(although I've been told I had connections earlier than that). A young woman who died during childbirth. She visited me several times over the next few years, helping me connect my abilities.

At 13 I turned from my abilities letting fear take over, and I focused on religion and life. The dead didn't draw me in anymore. I struggled with anxiety and depression for the next several years while trying to navigate being a teen and now a mom. I had my son when I was 17 and my life changed forever. My 2 daughters came soon after. I was now devoted to motherhood and being a wife to my wonderful husband. My whole life was wrapped up in being the best mom/wife I could be, so connecting with my abilities wasn't a priority.

Fast forward to adulthood. I met my bestie through happenstance(and my husband's work lol). We instantly clicked like we were meant to be together forever. Through the years of our friendship, she awoke in me a rekindling of my abilities. I started reading cards and connecting to the other side again. However, I still wasn't fully connected.

Fast forward again, I met another dear friend and powerful healer, who worked with me on energy healing and removing blockages from my past that were hindering my abilities. Together we opened up what I needed to reconnect with the other side and fulfill my purpose as a Psychic Medium and a Healer.

I embraced the title "witch" as it represented what I did and who I was. What I do can seem a little taboo and sounds crazy to some. I started my practice with protection magic, doing house cleansings and breaking hexes and curses for those who needed my help. That is now the root of my practice today. My goal is to help heal people deep in their souls. I took several classes, getting certifications in several types of healing and as a Psychic Medium. I learned how to use my natural abilities to benefit others in the best way possible.

So that's me in a short version lol.

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Hanna Jean
Hanna Jean
Jul 11, 2023

I am so so so proud of you!! I cried reading this because I have watched you grow and find yourself over the past 9 years. We really grew up together in our spirituality and I freaking love you so much!!! I love that you use your gifts to help others, you have a beautiful heart and soul! Thank you for being my soul sister!!! ❤️❤️❤️🤗

Jul 11, 2023
Replying to

Love you sister!!!!

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