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Why Energy Healing?

We don't realize that energy affects all areas of our body, mind, and soul. Things like depression or anxiety tend to weigh down our mind and leave traces in how our body feels, but did you know it hinders your soul as well?

When you enter a room you can feel the "vibe" right? You surround yourself with people who make you "feel good". When someone near you has a bad day it can change your mood. We are exposed to energy everywhere we go. It is like the "bacteria for the soul". Sometimes it is good energy that makes you feel better or stronger, other times it is negative energy that creates negative results in your mood and lowers your vibration.

We all have a level of vibration that helps our soul function. It helps us create our personalities and beliefs. When you are exposed to low vibrations or negative energy such as anger or sadness, it can affect your mind and body as well. Just as higher vibrations or positive energy like happiness and joy can free your mind and body from negative thoughts and feelings of despair.

So if we go to the doctor when we are sick in our bodies, and we go to therapy for our minds, why not do the same for our soul level? Energy healing is a way to remove residue from the negative energy that surrounds us in everyday life. Just like going to the doctor, seeking out a healer can help move that energy on its way and clear you of the side effects.

Why energy healing? If we want to function as whole beings and unlock our true potential in life, why not heal every part?

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Hanna Jean
Hanna Jean
15 juil. 2023

Yes! We do energy work here with our staff and residents and it makes such an amazing difference!! The more awareness that spreads about our energy bodies and how to heal, the more we help facilitate change in our communities and in the world! Keep up the good work! Love ya! 🙏❤️

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